Dark Theme Blender 2.78c

I spent some time creating a them that relaxed my while also trying to give a wider field of view and minimal amount of color changes. I am a hobbyist, so there are areas where I have not encountered some theme assignments. For those areas, I used a gaudy pink or green color to make their location easier to find; image 2 shows an example of this. Anyway, creating themes can be time consuming so, I figured I’d share some of the leg work.


I like your theme. Please share it

If anyone encounters an out of place green or pink, that was intentional to assist in locating user preference settings. These would be things I do not encounter, or have not as yet, so I did not know how to shade. For moderators, how do you have insert video, and warp-this without having the basic attach-file? Let me know if it didn’t work. [email protected]. Also, user feedback that they actually succeeded in uploading would be nice.