"Darkness awaits" by REiKo Rhoemer

Hi, all.

This is my #302 Weekend Challenge entry. I have a lot of fun with this and I think it looks almost professional, so I am posting this image in better quality. And I added the girls´s renders too.

I have been inspired by scenes from Silent Hill, that is for sure :).

!!! WARNING. These images contains explicit violence and gore !!!

(click on the thumbnail to see the image - 790k)

And here are seperate renders of the girls:

----- Denise --------- Sabine ------------ Seine -----
http://www.pharcom.ic.cz/images/chardesign/Denise0.jpg http://www.pharcom.ic.cz/images/chardesign/Sabine0.jpg http://www.pharcom.ic.cz/images/chardesign/Seine0.jpg

I hope you like it ;).

Hehe! - I like it. Very disturbing!