Darth Maul

Done in Blender 2.66, over the last day and a half. All Post processing was done in Photoshop. Render in >1 min on an nVidia GT620.


Critiques/comments/questions/death threats due to this being related to The Phantom Menace, are all welcome.

If wanted, I can post WIP shots.

Can someone reply, my feelings are starting to hurt…

The model itself looks good. But you should work on the lighting, composition and the facial expression.
At the moment, it looks quite boring.
I mean that’s Darth Maul… Let him look evil to the bones. Put in some rim light from the side to make it more dramatic etc.

Thanks for the feedback, and that picture you provided may provide good reference. And i do find lighting quite difficult (I am primarily a modeller)

Great work :slight_smile: You should also consider putting some bump mapping on his face :slight_smile: and some specularity too… (on his skin and eyes) :slight_smile: For the lighting part, I suggest you to go to blenderguru and look for the tutorial “mastering lighting”. Also, find a good studio photography book, or tutorial online. Learn the lighting techniques from there and then apply then on blender. It works almost the same as real life… “Almost” lol you need some tweaking but hey! every techniques does! :slight_smile: But so far, great work :slight_smile: