Darthwomble's Sketchbook

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An experiment for a game character (a learning process). “Candle”.

The idea is that she has a deployable drone attached to her back, and the double barrelled pistol is multi-use-
Shoot the top barrel only for a low hit, accurate pistol,
Alternate both barrels for a low accuracy, high hit, ammo-draining machine gun or
Fire both at once with a warm-up/cool down period for very high damage, short range, low accuracy scatter gun.

three guns. One model. Less to animate!

It’s her PMS: Pistol/MachineGun/Shotgun. :smiley:

Apparently UE4 doesn’t like Blender rigs. When I tried to put her in the engine it turned all of her bones upside down and made her into a deformed mutant. Weird.

Made with MakeHuman because I’m lazy and just learning.