Dartpicture Final

(Goofster) #1

well, this is it. been testing all weekend. and this is the best that came out of it. the blurring is done with the Mblur technique. the blurring on the front is done in Photoshop. added selfmade scratchmap (is that a word?) wich i’m pretty proud of. as far as i’m concerned this is the final render. maybe in time i’ll pick it up again, but i’m tired of looking at the picture now, and I think thats my cue to call it quits.

I hope you enjoy the picture.



(dotblend) #2

and where did it go?

(Goofster) #3

OH MAN! just saw the banner! thats so wicked! you think they have that in a “everybody within a 100 foot range can see it” edition? :smiley:

(ectizen) #4

I keep wanting to pick them up, to find out if they feel as good as they look.

Very well done!

(ectizen wanders off to obtain a dart to satisfy handling requirements…)

(S68) #5

Really cool!

What’s next?


(Goofster) #6

Well, I got my first assignment last week. I work at a hospital that has just built a new wing. it opens next month and they though it was a good idea if i made some graphics for it. so i’m building the whole thin in blender. one hell of a job.


(hannibar) #7

Very impressive!

How did you remove the artifacts?

(Goofster) #8

I blurred the tip of the dart also (just a little bit) so the artifacts arent really obvious. but they are still there.