Dasani Water Bottle

Hi guys! This is my newest project. I got the idea when I was watching other artists’ art and I thought that I should take upon me a task to model an everyday object. So, here it is. I know there are more improvements to be made so I give you guys to help me in that area. Thanks!

Looks good, but i can’t see the water… and you have to see the line end of the water to see content. The bottom of the bottle sees very sharp, and its a part that doesn’t can’t see well.

Quick update because i haven’t really gotten on this project in a while! I just thought of it today and i thought that i should come back to it. I feel like i could turn this into a decent work. So, here is the update. How is it?

Also, can anyone help me with how i should take this? like, what direction should i take this? i don’t like doing simple renders (just objects). i want my render to have a meaning, and a very deep one (if i can), but for this certain project i just can’t seem to think of anything to do with this. I wanna put a paintbrush inside or something, or go a direction that expresses the quote “bottled up feelings” but i can’t think of it.