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I guess you downloaded it and tried it?

A shining testimonial.

Is this supposed to be a reply to a different thread? :-?

No idea what the text was about, but the link was interesting…

I’m messing around with that now.

[edit] Maybe knell just grabbed the biggest letter for a while and copied the result here? I did that for a while, it’s rather fun seeing the result… kinda like that Google Talk thing - each little bit makes sense but as a whole…

[edit2] this edit was typed entirely in dasher… it’s actually quite fun.

Yay! People get it. It was a spoof of the spam threads, too. I think this is a really cool program. If you just cruise randomly, it’s like a Ouija board for your computer. It seems to mention the King a lot, with a fair amount of medieval imagery.

Prophecy! :o

I actually have a friend who is a quadrapalegic, and uses his computer with a pointer on his forehead, but he uses text-to-speech to type his e-mails, and that’s pretty fast and accurate now.

Heh… I just tried loading up the blender CVS source as training data, see if I could use it to write C programs…

It didn’t exactly work as well as expected…

you could import a custom dictionary.