Data loss ... :(

Due to an an accidental format(big story…) I’ve managed to loose everything I had on my disk including most of my blenderwork as I had not creted a backup of my files for a long time…

Computers sometimes are a big trouble :frowning:

" waa waa waaaaaaaaaa"


Yes, this does suck. I feel your pain yet I also have to wonder why you didn’t have any backups?
Something similar happened to me this summer, when my harddisc crashed. Luckily, I had all my important files (like my blender work, stuff for the university, etc) saved on external HDs and so the loss wasn’t really hat bad…I know that sounds very stupid and overly clever, but you’d better prepare yourself for the next time…

And again, I feel sorry for you =/

You can still get back your all your files even after a format. Unless you have installed something on top of the formatted drive then you may only get back some of your files.

The only way I know how to completely get rid of files is using the Shred command in Linux which deletes the file then writes over the area the file was in on the drive 20 times with random binary data making it un-recoverable. :slight_smile:

I would shop around and buy a good data recovery program. Chances are you might be able to salvage a good number of files.

I accidentally formatted the wrong partition on my drive and was able to salvage most of the data (it was FAT32). I borrowed a program from a friend called Stellar Phoenix.