Database Errors

ive been getting this error and similar ones recently.

Firefox 55.0 (64bit) - Windows 7 64bit
No Plugins other than uBlock Origin which only has Easylist.

I had that all day till just now, with my computer windows 10 using Firefox and ipad using safari. Also been getting a popup/redirect. Not sure what site it was ,but if it does it again I’m gonna take a screenshot. I cleared my history to see if that does anything.

Must have something to do with that error. I noticed my online indicator is staying red even though I’m logged in.


Had the same problem. Was probably on their side of things with the DNS not working properly or something. Thought I had a virus xD

Been getting it all day, both W10 at work and Linux @ home.

I’m sure the devs will fix it.

Yup. We had some database issues on the server. Everything should be resolved now, though. Please ping me if you continue to see issues.

so far so good.

Since this happened, I get annoying white “flashes” of very short duration when I click on a link within the forum (The screen turns white for very short duration)
Using Firefox on Linux.

Apparently, the problem does not occur in Chromium

I get it with Firefox using windows. Happens anytime you change the page. Wasn’t doing it a couple days ago.

Strange, I’ve not seen this behavior on my machines. Will investigate.

white flashing in firefox as well. didnt notice it until yafu and afws mentioned it. ssd with 100mbps internet things just go way too fast :smiley:

Private browsing in Firefox doesn’t give the white flashing ,but regular browsing still has white flashing when you change page.