I would like to see the dates that the posts are made when you first get into a category so they can be sorted by most recent first. Is there a way to show the dates when you click on a sub category. I see users, replies, views and activity but no original date posted or last reply date. Did I miss it?

You can see it when you hover over the ‘activity’ timestamp. Other than that, the current theme does not support showing or sorting.

I always get most recent at top logged in or not. First post is shown via hover as said. Last reply time / date is under activity column. You can click on Activity at the top to flip the sort order.

You can short… but not very useful, only Activity (= last reply? default shorting from the look of some examples), Replies or Views.

Showing the dates without hover is doable, if my theme experiments don’t fail.

I think you’ll need javascript for that. I’m not aware of any way of pulling the title contents out into a pseudo or whatever by CSS alone.

From experiments, JS is needed to kick Discourse out of the way. But CSS can do the basic, if you don’t mind extra crap appearing.

Oh yes? So what’s the CSS trick then? I haven’t heard of that one.

I tried this experiment directly in Firefox, and it seems to do the trick =)

span.relative-date::after {
    content: attr(title);
    display: block;

This is a “CSS-only” solution. No JavaScript necessary.

Yep. There’s another thread about the code snippets. :wink:

Thanks for the link.

I was responding here in reference the question about showing dates in posts.

Here is a variation on my suggestion above, this time using before and tweaking the font, so it’s minimally additive in terms of pixels and prioritized in terms of date / time / relative time posted:

span.relative-date::before {
    content: attr(title);
    display: block;
    font-size: .8em;

I’ve sort of gone off the show-the-dates idea, after playing around with it. Personally I think I’ll stick with the default display.