DaveFranz Sketchbook

Hi guys this is gonna be a place where I post art as I’m working on it. I’ll try post something everyday. Critiques really appreciated so don’'t feel shy!

To start off here’s a couple of images I’ve been working on recently. I’ve been doing lots of stuff with PBR materials and textures

Something I’ve been working on over the last few days! I call it Alien Train Invasion. Been away from blender for a bit because I’ve been super busy with work, but back into it again. Let me Know what you think!

This is a 3D render of a warhammer used by the dwarf Fili in The Hobbit films. Modelling and sculpting done in Blender, retopology in ZBrush, baking and texturing in Substance Painter. The final model is 22,620 faces