David Revoy_monster

Hi all,

Here is a project that i started recently just to improved my 3d skills. Since i m really bad at drawing i got a screen shot Revoy’s monster that he did in Chaos & evolutions i sculpted the following image.

I would like to get some feedback before i start retopo. Feel free to comment and give your point of view.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I think that is a good start…
I think that is a little “bulge” as sculpture
You could use a little the crease and polish brush
to create also some “harder” surfaces

Thanks for your comments. I will try to work on that.

Retopo Hat off to the F2 developers for f,g,g,f,g,g workflow this really speed up times.
Thanks as well for the new feature hidden wire and Sanctuary for making that short tutorial. This features has some draw back.
Thanks to ideasman for GG slide I fell in love of it since day one.

Who had implemented Ctrl+clic? It works like in movies, so perfect.

I tried to keep my mesh clean with nice face loop flow. This was quiet a battle on leg.

I try to finish it this week end

just some update UV done now going add some skin bump with multiresolution

Call the material done for now. Next let’s put him into a scene i m think about underwater scene or in the forest.

Great! the material is very realistic, I like the eyes… I think you could work of some more details and baking in a normal map
but the model is very nice!

Thanks for your comments Marcolorenz.
I modeled that beast with multires level 5 with more than 6M faces my computer was getting really slow, i just wanted to see how high i could go. I have baked the normal but sss just eats a lot details. Next time i will try to retopo with as low poly as possible.
Here is another image i have started to rig him already.

Here some animation swimming test, oh i forgot parent the eyes