DaVinci Resolve Lite - free!

I thought there would be a catch, but it seems there are only a couple of small limitations: the 1080p limit, and missing noise reduction, collaborative, and stereoscopic tools. This should be more than enough for most people, and really ups the ante for Lightworks. For anyone looking around for a good video editor and awesome colour grading tools, look no further.

Note: this software requires reasonably powerful hardware. The lite edition is limited to one gpu acceleration.

Download it here:

this looks amazing… any idea on when they will be releasing version 11 lite? Right now whats at the download page is an old version.

Also no linux lite version?

No, I noticed myself the newest version is not yet available for download - they announced it today, and version 11 will be available for download in June.

Having said that, I am very enthusiastic about the DaVinci 11’s new editing features - Lightworks kept adding more and more limitations, and the 720p limitation is just not keeping up with reality (in my opinion). Adobe is no longer an option for me (CC model is awful, and I will never support that), and Sony is leaving Vegas to die.

So the lite version of DaVinci 11 looks incredibly promising, and will hopefully force the Lightworks devs to reconsider their decisions in the last year.

Btw, DaVinci 10 (and 11) REQUIRE a GPU - it will not function without a reasonable GPU. The paid for version adds support for up to three GPUs, while the lite version supports one GPU.

This is a hardware reality check:

  • the GUI is optimized for a 2560x1440 screen. It will also work on 1920x1080 screens.
  • either a CUDA Nvidia card, or an AMD opencl card. For single GPU systems the fastest GPUs are recommended (Titan or GTX780).
  • 12gb or higher recommended

…and I am not even mentioning all the other recommended hardware :wink:

lite 11 beta is out for those that are interested in using this