!!!Day Gecko!!!

So I have a school creative project where I have to do something focused on animals. I created a Day Gecko modeled/textured in blender. What do you think?

Nice work! Can you post the wireframe?

Sure, here is the wireframe:

Nice modeling, but I think you need to work on the textures/texture stretching a bit more though. Overall good job, now put him in a scene. :wink:

Here’s and idea. I want to depict the gecko’s reation when he first see’s a robo-gecko ( one that has similar micro-fiber feet that lets it stick to smooth glass) climbing a piece of glass. Perhaps I should make the glass be part of the real gecko’s cage and let the larger settings be in the laboratory developing robo-gefckos. Do you think this idea is too farfetched?

If you want to achive more realism try to add specular map to your gecko. Also you should work on eye (http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2011/010/f/e/gargoyle_gecko_eye_by_fayjayart-d36vs4o.jpg)

@Przemyslaw, which parts of the gecko would be more specular?

I have created more of a scene for the gecko. He is supposed to be inside a cage whereas, the robot is on the outside of the cage glass.

I made the robot more ‘robotic’