Day/Night Cycle Animation

I’ve been hard at work the past few hours to get a neat looking day/night animation with cycles.
i have used a sun, another sun(moon), and AO + Env. Lighting using the excellent cycles sky world texture.
here is a test render of apart of the day cycle, 2:00 I think, took about 10 min. on CPU at 8 bounces with 750 passes.

check out the high res:

night cycle image will be coming soon.
any suggestions?


Here is the night test!


And finally the finished animation! I love it!

That looks pretty good, Caleb! I have never tried simulating the day/night cycle in Blender before. How did you choose to animate the sun (s)? I like the various color casts that the different colored rooms generate. Very interesting.
I also liked the flicker of the artificial light sources in the animation, as well as the sound effect used.
If I had any critique, it would be that the bump intensity looks a little high in the animation, but maybe that’s how you like it.
In any case, great work!

That looks really cool! The colors on the day/night cycle look believable and the color bleeding on the walls looks awesome.

Nice job

Thanks, well the animation setup:

  1. I used the cycles sky texture for the world and animated it by hand just moving it to get the correct lighting
  2. I set up a Bézier circle and attached 2 suns to it that cast slightly different colors at slightly different intensities ( sun and moon)
  3. I animated the sun and moon to circle around the circle and I made it so that you can infinitely loop the animation if I so needed, to save render time if I ever choose to expand it
  4. I also actually animated it to be slow but the rendered out only every 5th frame so that the motion apperes a bit jumpy and also took way less time to render!
    thanks so much, looking back on it it probably was a little too extreme on the bump maps but your right I do like it like that haha.