Daz model rendering Error?

Can anyone help me with this error. I’m using Fbx characters imported into blender . on the left is the live view and the right is the rendered result. Whenever i click the render button the character model disappears from the image.I am using flimic log encoding base. it happens on cpu and gpu rendering. This sucks because i really want to make blender my primary 3D program and i dont understand the error and want to know why this is happening .

Please help


Update * the model goes back to import origin then the render button is clicked. so that must be the problem. what would cause that?

I’m guessing… You imported animations… (I do see keyframes in the timeline) Then you moved the character away from the keyframed position, but didn’t set a new keyframe. When you render a frame the character is updated with the keyframes relative to that frame. Either reset the keyframe, or delete it if it’s not being used.