Daz3D Studio finally working greate together with Blender

Since I started with Blender in 2008, I wanted to use Daz3d Content inside Blender. This have unthil now been a pain.
With the latest plugin of Mr. Casual , Teleblender this is now working like a charm. When the exporter in Daz is configured, it just clicking export current frame. A few seconds later the figure is inside Blender, with camera and all the textures you had in Daz. I dida couple of tests to show how good Blender render the character from Daz. Note tough that I have not done anything fancy stuff with lights and textures in Blender, just increased samples to 600 and hit render. Oh and yes i trow in a hdri for the lights and background.

What do you guys and gals think?

Hi Esimacio. This looks awesome! Can you post a direct link to the version of Teleblender you are using? And confirm the version of Daz it works with. And also the version of Blender it works with as well? I’m curious to see if it handles corrective shape keys in Blender. Thanks for sharing!

Teleblender version
Daz version
Blender version

https://sites.google.com/site/mcasualsdazscripts4/mcjteleblender3 scroll down to the bottom of the page.
It works on Daz3d Studio 4.8 . I have found that you need to have blender on your main drive (system drive C: ) I could be wrong.

Teleblender version 3.15
Daz Version 4.9
Blender 2.78a / With Blendbot version 16 (must be installed under addon in Blender)

Hello esimacio. I’m also learning how to export and render Daz Studio characters and scenes in Cycles. Right now I’m working in my first render, but found some problems. The main problem is that the scene did not load any bump maps or normal maps. I was wondering if you had this same problem and found a solution. Thanks in advance.

probably you have to create this elements in your cycles material.
are they present?

@ BigLouis1971
I posted 3 links in your thread from yesterday, hope it helps…have not had a chance yet to try all options.

I had given up on this working for me, but I see I wasn’t using teleblender 3, so I’ll give it another try. Thanks for listing the versions that worked for you.

As I recall, teleblender is pretty useless to me. According to my recollection, it’s basic usage is exporting the models to only be rendered in Blender (and using multiple obj files for an animation).

This guy worked with Makehuman (I forget how), and he made an addon that imports the .dsf model files, setup the materials for Internal or Cycles, shapekey loader, Rig converter (MHX or Rigify), and some other things.

Khalibloo Panel works really well for getting characters into Blender, and sets up a rigify rig. You may have to modify some of the textures, but it’s the best and easiest solution I’ve found.

I am using this for rendering my scenes now, with the cycles materials all setup it does make it a lot quicker.