DCM -Dynamic Camera Manager-

Here is a little something i made to save on frame rates… I call it DCM or Dynamic Camera Manager.What it does:


  • Controls culling distance by frame rate.
    So if you want your game to have high fps then you can also use this!
    Vrs 1 DCM.blend (1.16 MB)

License: If you do not contact me by pm on blender artists then you MUST GIVE CREDIT! But, If you contact me by pm on blender artists I may give “special” rights. I here by have the right to give to any one “special” privileges to this script. By this i can give users different licenses depending on their needs Eg. If you were working on a OPEN SOURCED GAME and the creator/creators contacted me i may give them a version of the script licensed OPEN SOURCED.

I do this license only to sift out the people who really want to do a great from those who’s games would be consider “another one of those “blender games” again”.

I promise to be far with those who are contacting me about the licensing. I also reserve the right to not contact you back if by some means deemed.