For those ignorant, DDR stands for Dance Dance Revolution- a stupid looking, but incredibly fun game.

Music+Exercise+Appearance of stupidity makes for a great party game, and a much more fun version of a treadmill.

I’m simply curious how many (if at all) of you blenderers also play this game, and what you think of it.

For those in the know- I like to play 9-10 foot songs, but can only finish 2 10’s. I play with a single standard mat which is secured to plywood by a shower curtain.

Discuss, but no flaming.

Of course I know what it is! I’ve never tried it, but I’d like to sometime (I’d probably get the lowest score ever possible :P).

I think it’s a good way of blending (heh…) the benefits of physical activity and the fun of video games.

Yeah. . . we have a DDR machine in a local cinema. I’ve been too self-concious to try it though . . . don’t care much for dancing (especially in public).

I have a few friends that are practically addicted to it.

My roommate has it on his XBox, but I haven’t had the time to try it yet. I was looking for the GameCube version, but all the stores said they were sold out and they weren’t going to get anymore shipments. So I got Donkey Konga instead (which is pretty fun too).

I have it but haven’t played it for awhile (although I’m really good).
In public places people like to watch me because I can get the hardest steps down pat because I’ve done it so much before. I used to log 15 hours in one month. I didn’t think many people had heard of it though.

Yeah, I’ve played it a lot. It’s a really fun game.

One thing you guys might be interested in is StepMania. It’s an open source clone of DDR. It looks, sounds, and plays the same, except it has a few added surprises like a 2-player battle mode and other fun features, like being able to take your own songs and add dance patterns to them.

At our local LAN party, we purchased a metal dance pad and made a PlayStation to parallel port adapter, which plugged into a Linux box with Step Mania installed, with about 300 songs or so :). The tournament we had was amazing.

If you are interested in playing it on your PC (Windows, Mac, Linux), all it takes is $40 bucks to buy a decent dance pad (I recommend at least getting the foam ones), some tools to make the adapter, and a 10MB download.

There’s also plenty of instructions on the net, and on the StepMania web page, on how to make your own metal dance pads, if you don’t want to buy someone elses.

I dont dance ever…there was this one time a bride at a wedding pulled me onto the dancefloor, I couldn’t refuse her on her special day but even then I only pretended to dance.

The Malcolm in the middle episode where Hal enters a DDR type contest is hilarious.

The Eyetoy is good fun too, especially the boxing game on Play2.

The Chief

I used to play alot. I liked playing simple but fun tech songs on heavy like Holic and Twin Bee and 321 Stars. But I was more into freestyling. Im known for my Luv2me freestyle, and me and my friends R3 double matrix run colab. DDR is a fun game…After you get past looking stupid when youre playing light and beginner songs. :stuck_out_tongue: