DDS Support

Hello all,
I searched the forum for that and didn’t find any answers to my question, so I post.

Is there any plugins or anything that can add DDS texture support in Blender?

Although Blender is an OpenGL application, it would be great to have that kind of support.

Thanks in advance.

the free SlowView (an old image viewer) can load dds format… so I think its free

Thanks for your reply endi, but SlowView is a viewer, and I need to import and use DDS textures in Blender.

There’s the DEVIL library ofcource which is free and supports many image formats, including DDS.
So If there’s no plugin for DDS in Blender, then maybe theres a tutorial on how to make python plugins that have to do with textures.
My Python knowledge is next to 0, but if there’s a good step by step tutorial, then I’ll give it a shot.

I think that the current SVN-version of Blender has DDS-support, could someone confirm?

Do you mean the version 2.44?
If yes I double checked and it doesn’t support it.

Don’t you mean 2.45?

DDS support would be very cool!!!

It may already be possible with GLSL in the blender game engine… I am pretty sure we can use them in Crystalspace, we just cant see them in blender.

Don’t you mean 2.45?

Holy crap! I wasn’t aware of this update. I’ll install it and see how it goes with DDS

Mmph!, you are using the latest version and there isn’t DDS support?

Hi, I’ve downloaded the 492_win32-vc (and all other SVN builds from there onwards) build from graphicall and it had full DDS support.

2.45 has DDS?

wow! I got to go and try this :smiley:


Here is DDS plugin for GIMP :smiley:

it is even direct X10 compliant :smiley:

Any Chance there’s going to be JNG support? I can load the images but would really like to see them when UVmapping.

Not the current stable version (2.45), the development (not yet officially released) version has DDS support. You can find compiled SVN releases on

Thanks for the info all! It’s very helpful. I think I’ll wait for the next finalized version of Blender, for DDSs