DEAD END 3 Full Trial Gold

DEAD END 3 is a game project made in UPBGE that I started 2017. Now after 2 years I can proudly say it’s worth trying out if you like fast paced survival action. DEAD END 3 Full Trial Gold is the LAST Version before the Full Game Release, and hopefully it will make people interested to support the development of the Full Game.

You are a Professional Marksman, enemies all around you, the only friend you have on your journey is your helicopter mate that assist you with weapon drops, health supply and ammo. Will you complete the mission? Or will you get stuck in the DEAD END…

Would be super cool to hear what you guys think! :slight_smile:

You can find DEAD END 3 here:


Everyone who finish a game deserves an applause and a congrats.


yo this is so cool! im definitely gonna check it out later!

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Hope you like it! :slightly_smiling_face:

I liked the menu, but the game-play was somewhat over-rated in my opinion :thinking:
Plus I had to wait over 2 minutes for the game loading (not the menu loading) which totally ruined the mood whenever I died (this might be my fault by having a low specs computer, but your game should be optimized for all)

Thanks for your opinion, the game is inspired by killing floor and doom so its meant to be a fast paced shooter with unlocks and eastereggs. I understand that the game can lagg on lower speccs so I have also made a lower graphic launcher that will work alot better on older computers. I guess you tried the default version of the game. :sweat_smile:

The first loading screen should just take around 30 - 40 seconds and if you die I have made a “Fast Loading Screen” that only takes around 10 - 20 seconds :slight_smile: the game also have checkpoint when you get to the warehouse.

Feel free to try the game again with this launcher:

hopefully you will get more fps :slight_smile:


Will ofc make more graphic related options in the future :wink:

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