Dead Life (Sandbox Zombie Survival Game)

Hello everyone! I’m a 3D modeller especially organic ones(humans, animals) and a 3D animator. I would like to share on one of our projects Dead Life. This game is a Sandbox Zombie Survival game.

Gameplay :

Survive a zombie apocalypse of course! Search for supplies, food, water, shelter and clothes. Loot the areas from houses, storage, farm.

Pet System :

According to the Zombie Survival Guide, animals cant turn into zombies. You can tame animals from Dogs, Cats or even Wild Animals like Wolves, Bear, Lion, Tiger


Video Gameplay : (Updated 3/30/2014)

SCREENSHOTS : (Updated 1/16/2014) more screenshots to come ^^


New Updates (2/12/2014):

More models!



Team :

I would definitely love to work with programmers(we extremely need them) and other modellers and animators ^^

Modellers -

Me (Organic Modeller I made the Lion, player and the Zombie)
Awnon Bhomik(a 3D max user friend of mine he is a weapon designer and houses)

Animators -



None :frowning: :frowning:

I can help direct you how to code anything in logic or python, just can’t code it myself for a little while, until I get my next pc.

Thanks man! we really appreciate this help of yours been praying for it :wink:

The lion attack was so retarded-like because all it do is to claw the zombie and nothing happens because I dont know how to program for a zombie to die.

It would be cooler if you see a zombie getting mauled by wild animals that you can tame hehehe . . .

looking at the image… Have you considered bumpmapping? It is simple, but it adds a lot more detail, expecialy in the case of the houses.

Also, It might be useful to have some wood, or concrete buildings, so that everything is not just bricks.

ALSO, Why are the hands sticking straight out? Is this intentional, in other words, are you yourself a zombie? Or is this a problem that you plan to fix?

Ok, so use a sequencer to control animation state,

Trigger--------and--------property Anim=1
If Anim =0-----/

If Anim min:1 max:end frame -1-----------And---------add 1 to Anim
If Anim=end frame----------and-------Anim=0

If Anim changed--------And----------action wherever property Anim

This way, the property Anim=frame of action

If Anim =33---------AND---------add object hitbox

I do plan to fix everything when I get a programmers and additional modellers to have fun developing with :slight_smile: As for now, I’m still studying some BGE and Python so I can modify stuffs without bothering them :slight_smile: Sorry about this

Oh man, I’m still trying to get along with BGE. Kinda studying the new features in BGE :frowning:

Ok, what that is is logic,

It just says, if something sets a property to 1, then march through until the end frame length,

Like 1, 2, 3…60->0

So if a walk cycle was 0-60 and you used the property to play the action…

Try and plug that in as logic bricks, then turn.debugging on the property Anim.

End frame just means the end of your actions frame,

So if a walk.cycle was frames 1 through 60

Keypress w----and--------property Anim=1
If Anim =0-----/

If Anim min:1 max:59-----------And---------add 1 to Anim
If Anim=60----------and-------Anim=0

If Anim changed--------And----------action wherever property Anim

When you get this working correctly, and turn.debugging on, in the property Anim
When you tap W it should cycle 1 through 60 and then reset.

(make sure you have view debugging information turned on in the game dropdown)

After you get it working try having it play a attack animation, then when the player attacks, place a empty where the attack would contact,

You can use a little python and a ray to check for a enemy from the empty, or add a collision object that applies damage.
Message = fire------python
Ray “enemy”--------/

Then you need a simple gamelogic template script,
You need to define both sensors, and have if both are true, apply damage,

do plan to fix everything when I get a programmers and additional modellers to have fun developing with :slight_smile: As for now, I’m still studying some BGE and Python so I can modify stuffs without bothering them :slight_smile: Sorry about this

I might be able to help you some with texturing, and a little bit with modeling. The only problem is that I am already helping somebody else, LFDA studios (forgive me if i miss spelled the name, but it is in the same forum as this). Since I am not really being assigned anything right now, I could probably help you, just not full time.

P.S. contact me via email. my email is my username here, at

You can help him if you want. I don’t have any problem if you job with other teams.

Looks good so far! I’m going to do some shameless self advertisement andlink you to my website, where you can download some weapons and game assets!

Sounds promising, i gotta a couple questions.

  1. Is it going to be like day z or have a actual story ?
  2. Will it have some sort of multiplayer ?
  3. Do you need help with the game ?

I know its only in started but its good to know where it`s going, so the game
will be future proof and constructed well so it will not fall apart.

I noticed the you are using Shaders “Specular” you should really make Spec maps
when you make your diffuse, maybe a Normal map aswell if thats the direction you want too go, also you might want to use photoshop to create your own textures as it will make you stand out more instead of using Seamless, just my two pennies as thats what i do.

  1. You can play via storyline/quests or completely sandbox which you can modify the simulation of the zombies/animals/resources. Your character gets hungry, thirst and sleepy etc . . . You have to loot houses, be friends with animals/survivors that can help you.

  2. Of course it would have a multiplayer feature :smiley: I dont know how to use the Blender multiplayer addon yet so I guess I would leave that to the programmer if we have already?

  3. We certainly need programmers :frowning:

Yeah, I didnt use some normals, spec yet because this is kinda rush because we dont have programmers in the team yet :frowning:

My role in the team is an organic modeller I make NPCs, Animals and Zombies.

hi i am a modeler and an animation i know some bit of logic bract
these are some of my works

P proj, that model of the human, it looks almost perfect for my game wrectified.

I can help you with logic and python, just pm me :slight_smile:

Those are some awesome works there! do you also have a background knowledge on rigging? I might assign you in the rigging section because I made some models that needs to be rigged :smiley: also on stage designing :smiley:

Also on texturing :smiley: I’m not really good at setting up lights, texture very well when it comes to BGE :frowning:

New updated models are up!

OK i will up load s and i will give you the link and i am relay interested on the python offer

yes i do i hope i become helpful