Dean ml guitar -WIP fun-

Hey guys! just want to show you a slightly different shape of a dean ml guitar. this is a model i’m doing just for fun, i got stuck in the process of my nissan skyline project 'cause i need a better system…rendering on a macbook pro 13 is total sadness. so everything is pretty much flat here, just fooling around no particular idea for a scene so…hope you enjoy further updates! bye!

It looks great modelling. Keep on working on it !!!

Dimebag Darrell guitar. Cant wait to see it with shaders !!!


i think it’s turning out pretty well…what you guys think?

so i had a bit of time to work on this model. little upgrade…i think the wood texture on the fretboard could be a little better! what you guys think? let me know!

Hey! nice modeling. But I think not only the wood but all shaders need some more work.

And you need to add the strings. Mr. Darrell always played with strings. :stuck_out_tongue: