Death of a Dictator (Saddam's execution at 10:05 est today)

Moderator: I know that this is a heavy political topic but given that I didn’t even know of this until the last hour I wonder how many other still don’t know about it. This is big news which i felt are important enough for many people here to at least hear that it have happened.

Saddam Hussien was executed by hanging at 10:05 PM east today.

that all, if anybody want more info, just look it up.

finally, jeez i thought he was never going to die.

wow, i didn’t think they were doing it for like a month. it needed to happen, in my opinion.

it’s a weird thing to know that a face you’ve seen almost every day, on tv for the past year being gone…

I wanna see the execution… you think a video has leaked by now? Maybe on checks

I dunno but please don’t put up any actual execution pictures or links up here since we have some young members here. I just posted this thread to let people know of what happened to saddam. I’m just glad that my brother is transferred to korea rather than iraq (he is in the army and he works on helicopters)

I will not get into what I think about all of the politics, greed, underhanded dealings and other things that are/were involved. Let it just be enough for me to say that I don’t like the idea of peoples killing peoples.

I wont, dont worry, im not that evil. Some of those videos are too graphic, even for me.

This is bad news. I didnt see anybody celebrating on the streets of Bagdad. Bagdad was too quiet, it was scary. The Iraqis are mad.

I think Bush has just succeed in uniting the Shites and the Sunnis against the Yankee troops. Get those body bags ready. This is not good.

i had actually forgot about this whole execution thing but YAY! ding dong the elaborate on what you think should go here is dead! haha

quoted in agreement, but video game violence isn’t that bad… or is it? :confused:

but video game violence isn’t that bad… or is it? :confused:

I would suppose that if you were a soldier sitting behind your console raining death and destruction upon an “enemy” using a joystick with all the essential firing buttons oh so ergonomically placed, that violent video games would be a very good training system.
I hope for a better new year. :slight_smile:


I thought the US liked dictators.

  • They had no problem with the Shah in Iran.
  • No problem with the royal family in Saudi Arabia (“friends” in the region)
  • Puppet dictators have been a long time favorite of the US government (long list)
  • Saddam and the US actually used to have a nice cosy history some time back (oh the irony).

The US has no problem with any dictatorship no matter how terrible provided the arrangement is mutually beneficial for them. The long line of dictatorships in North Korea (for example) will not be overthrown because there are no resources there for the US to exploit and North Korea has WMDs (and the western world knows it!).

With Saddam people at least had some stability and a social status quo - now they have neither, the country is in chaos, occupied by a foreign invader and on the brink of civil war. This execution is simply a staged show, an attempt to demonstrate some “success” in the region.

What the trial should have been about was whether the war was legal (it wasn’t), whether the war was justified (it wasn’t) and whether Sadaam had WMDs after the first Gulf War (he didn’t). What is the point of a trial whose outcome is predetermined by an occupying force? None. It is a show. The execution the end of that show.

Bush has no problem with people suffering around the world under other more tyrannical dictatorships unless it affects US interests - on which case he is invading to “free the people”.

So please have no illusions that this was done for the people of Iraq.

Also please note that at no point did I say Saddam was anything other than a tyrant. He is just one of many who are completely ignored and do business regularly with the US.

Finally, if the US isn’t careful with the direction it is headed, it to will be under a dictatorship too. An illusion of democracy is no safeguard against tyrants. Bush has caused many magnitudes more damage to the world than Sadaam ever could - and he has no fear of execution (though he was all to happy to sentence people to Death Row).


Thanks Koba, you ruined what had been up until now an innocuous thread.


Thanks Koba, you ruined what had been up until now an innocuous thread.

Heh, that’s probably why politics and religion are no no’s, don’t ya think?
Perhaps philosophy would be a better medium to communicate with.

                          Thanks Koba, you ruined what had been up until now an innocuous thread.

It was never innocuous.
It was political for the word go - which is against forum rules anyway.

Lock it if you like - people will still get the news from the threads subject title. As I understand it, that is the real purpose of this thread anyway.


P.S> Not that I don’t appreciate getting news! It is just that I generally get it from other sites other than Blenderartists!

Yeah now the US is trying to take over mars and all of its resources. What’s wrong with you people?? Jeez! Oh well, luckily there arent any humans on mars to kill, just sweet sweet mars dirt = )

Pretty soon its going to be the United States of The Universe. HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES!?

(yes, i’m American)

Street violence in the Sydney suburb of Auburn between Pro Saddam supporters and Shite fundamentalists. :smiley:

Actually Koba does have a point. American is an Empire, and like the Roman Empire before it, it does sometimes need the help of dictators to protects the Empires interests.

I thought the US liked dictators.

Yes, in fact you can include Pinochet in that list. A bloody one if you ask me.