Death of OS

a small fun project done fot Fabio Palvelli’s Macintosh 2020 challenge.
I wonder if the inspiration gets through :slight_smile:
I used a character from blendercloud of EMO by Andy Goralczyk for this one.


So beautiful, great work! How did you achieve the smoke?


The smoke was rendered in blender 2.83 as a test of the new open vdb importing and volume object functionalities.
I applied the rendered smoke to this image in post production in Affinity Photo.

Generally it was a fun experiment I did during a YT live stream - turning what was supposed to be a simple bathroom render into a artwork for on -line challenge.

The tough part was it was a very tight deadline and I gad little time to dig into the details.
I am happy it turned out OK in the end, at least I think it gets the idea through efficiently

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I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great weekend!

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wow. thanks…
It’s an honor
just made my weekend greater :slight_smile:

Should be “Death by OS”, no?

might be, but the work was heavily inspired by Jacques L. David’s " The Death of Marat" painting
hence the title :slight_smile:

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