Death Star Model

Hey blender heads.

I’ve seen the Death Star which has a circle shape in the globe mesh,how can I achieve this?

Thank you.

Simplest method is to use the boolean modifier to cut out a part sphere from another sphere.
Alternatively you could use snapping / retopology to manually model the cut-out


deathstar.blend (206 KB)

Hi Richard.

Thanks for your reply,Yep I thought after a while BOOLEAN would do the trick but once I cut out the sphere the edges are all messed up and look ugly.Can you please take a look at my file.

Thank you.


death star_1.blend (739 KB)

Hello Richard!(here I go again posting,for some reason my previous post did not upload.)

Thanks for your reply and file.I did think of boolean modifier,which did the trick,but it has left out ugly edges although I have added
subdivision sruface,and smooth from the tools panel.

When you add your sphere, up the cut count in each direction, like add 4 each way. Then delete 16 faces where you want the dent. After that, select four corners of the missing area and do shift+s and place the cursor at selected. Once you do that, add a circle with 18 verts. Then rotate and wiggle it INSIDE the hole (make sure its smaller) so the verts line up as best as you can get them. Then fill in the faces AROUND THE OUTSIDE OF THE CIRCLE, leave the middle open… Once you get the faces filled in, place the cursor at the center of the sphere again and in edit mode select all verts then go to mesh> transform >sphere and slide your mouse off to the side of your screen. Do this a couple times to round out your model. Then just extrude the new circle in and do your thing from there.
You can use mine if you wish…
There is no easy way to do things sometimes…no one button click…

death_star.blend (476 KB)

This was a helpful solution to a similar problem I’ve been experiencing. What is it about guys named ‘Richard’ on this site? Some of the best advice I’ve seen has been from Rich33584 and Richard Marklew.

I’m guessing that it’s a terrible, unforgivable mistake to have a subsurface modifier on the objects beforehand? When I tried something similar, I ended up with a twisted mass of mesh on the surface of the primary mesh, much like what happened to Graphomet with his hemispherical indentation. I need to go back and revisit that particular problem, because I’m trying to find a sensible way to add clean, incised channels all over a cylindrical/smooth mesh, to mimic low-level relief carving.

I have found the Sculpting feature thus far to be only slightly helpful, as I do not yet fully understand the basics of how sculpt interprets the mesh. All the super-speedy sculpting demos on YouTube deal with multiresolution AND subsurf, it appears, but my results end up… less than satisfactory.

Subsurf or not, boolean makes a mess of the mesh alot of times. If at all possible, Ill find a way not to use it and most of the time you can.
Glad we could help you out.