Death Star on Blender

Heya guys! So I’m a new member here on and a fairly noob blender user. I’ve been practicing quite a lot lately and one of my ‘experiments’ on blender happens to be the iconic Death Star in Star Wars.

I already have the basic shape molded but I have this teeny tiny problem

See this dip in the sphere?

Do you guys have any idea how to make it?

I tried copying it to the best that I can and here’s the result:

Here’s what I did:
-I made a boolean modifier to make that dip,
-I added a circle and added a face on it, extruded it quite a bit
-Then I duplicated and scaled it to a smaller size to make the focus lens of the superlaser in the middle.

But here’s the problem. Unlike the reference image, the outside part of the superlaser turns out to be flat.

Can you guys help me out?