Death Star trench run / surface (last post)

(Rhysy 2) #1

Here is a screenshot :
Can anyone tell me where to find pictures from the movie of the surface and/or trench of the Death Star ? I’d like to add more details to it before I post the animation. Or sounds for that matter… or just tell me what I need to add to it. Scroll to the bottom for the update !

(digitalSlav) #2

nothing there man.

(BgDM) #3

Not bad. I would maybe tone down the motion blur a bit. Add more details, (i.e. pies, terminal boexes, etc.) onto the walls.

Also, get some colour in there. :wink:


P.S. tmtechie, cut and paste the link.

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Valarking wrote :

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Hehehehee…yes, I know… may my my soul burn in the firey pits of hell for even considering using them. Alternatives ?

BgDM wrote :

Not bad. I would maybe tone down the motion blur a bit. Add more details, (i.e. pies, terminal boexes, etc.) onto the walls.

Also, get some colour in there.

I will… as soon as I can find or someone can tell me where to find pictures of the Death Star or its surface, since I don’t really have enough of an idea of what they look like to model them. So far every link to pictures that sound useful has failed abysmally.

(nerddogs) #6

Have you looked at or ?

(Rhysy 2) #7

I’m making some cannons from a picture of the model at, but I didn’t know about Has nice TIE fighters, but not much in the way of Death Star surface features. Ideally I’d like a screenshot of the trench run from the movie.

(banana_sock) #8

the tie fighters have slightly bigger cockpits and windows than on your models. They’re either a light yellow/green colour or a darker grey witha blue tinge. The surface of the death star is almost the same as the trenches. It’s just a big surface full or things protruding out. Although there are a lot (i mean a lot!) of lasers. It appears flat cos it is so big, so don’t make it out of a sphere. It’s got about four of those trenches running around the area, and the only other difference is the indented area where the tractor beams/big laser thing is. I’m making this scene myself, although i’ve only modelled the x-wing so far. It was easier cos i have rogue squadron, so i could see the ship from any angle when i was making it. Well i hope i’ve helped somewhat. Can’t wait to see that final thing.

(Rhysy 2) #9

Thanks banana sock !
I’ve made some laser turrets for the floor of the trench. I’ll make some for the walls as well, modify the TIEs as you say, then post an update. Should be done by later today, with any luck.

On a non-modelling note, you say there are FOUR trenches ? I thought there was just one big one around the equator ?
And on an even-less modelling note, can does anyone know why a moon-sized battle station would have even one trench running around its equator at all ?!? 'Cos this has been really bugging me these last few days…

(Rhysy 2) #10

First update :
TIE’s now have vastly better textures/colour.
Trench colour/texture improved, but still not quite right.
No motion blur.
Laser turrets on floor and walls.

Here’s the link :

I’ll make the cockpits of the TIE’s bigger later.

I’m sure there are other features that are in the trench :

Add more details, (i.e. pies, terminal boexes, etc.)

but I don’t know what they look like, or even what a “pie” in this context is !

(VelikM) #11

Reduce the motion blur a little. Other than that link the picture to a .html page, that gets rid of the need to “copy and paste”

(Rhysy 2) #12

VelikM :
In the update - my last post before this one - there is no motion blur at all.
As for the html thing, I’ll do that in the next update - thanks for the tip !

(Ecks) #13

cool pic! I one thing: The Star!

I think you should make them smaller. In the world buttun its the slider called “sized” and if you think there is not enough star in the space after that then reduce the stardist slider.

Cool pic! Keep up the good work! :smiley:

(banana_sock) #14

the updated pic looks better. The TIEs could use a little bit of changing. Make the cockpit a separate material that is different, maybe a bit darker so it’s visibly different, but not too much. Maybe make the joins between the wings and cockpit darker or rougher. Once the cockpit is bigger they should look great. The laser turrets should be firing. They are good models, but unless they’re firing they won’t look stunning. There is also a constant fire of laser above the trench, mostly running up and down, but at angles too. All the lasers here are green, but if you have an x-wing it’s lasers are orange-red.

There are actually only 3 trenchs, i got a little mixed up. There’s the main one around the equator (376km long) and 2 between the equator and the poles. Like the tropic of cancer and capricorn.

As for why there were trenches it says something about it housed alot of the sensors and landings bays, etc but i think it was really just for the movies.

(Rhysy 2) #15

Ok here’s another update, not so big an improvement this time :

Sorry it’s not an html page, but I’m feeling lazy right now.

The TIEs have been slighlty altered, their cockpits are now a bit bigger (probably not enough though), and the lighting’s been improved. Oh, and the stars are smaller and there’s more of them (thanks X -warrior… but I’ll have to resize them for animating, they dissappear completely at their new size, even though the camera isn’t moving).

Banana_sock - thanks, keep the suggestions coming ! I’ll implement your suggestions soon (I hope). But by cockpit, do you just mean the window area, or the whole spherical area in which the pilot sits ?

I wasn’t going to have the turrets firing until they had something to shoot at, but I guess I’ll do it anyway cos it’ll look better…

I’m not going to have an X-wing… I’m working on something for the TIEs to shoot at, but that won’t be ready for quite some time (not that it’s particularly complicated or detailed or anything, I just seem to be making it slowly).

Sensors and landing bays, eh ? Well, if George Lucas said that’s what the trenches were for, then that’s what they were for. Always wanted to know that…

(BgDM) #16

HAHA! I actually meant pipes. Some poies would be funny though.

Keep it up. It’s looking good. I would have kept the motion blur, but just turned it down a bit.


(Rhysy 2) #17

I just couldn’t resist it…

They’re a little big, but I figure if the Empire can afford a planet-sized battle station, it can afford a few oversized pies…

(banana_sock) #18

even if there isn’t anything to shoot at in the scene, there was still a huge amount of lasers firing at the rebels. There are like 20000 lasers of sorts on the thing, so lots of lasers…

I should have made myself a bit clearer about the size of the cockpit. The actual sphere is about the right size, but the window needs to be increased a bit.

Now im being really picky. If you don’t want to follow these suggestions, i won’t care a bit cos im just pointing out really little things. Where the wings are attached to the cockpit, on the outside of the wing there isn’t a bulge like on the inside. It’s just a small circle (small in depth) that is visible from the outside, not poking out far. Also the struts connecting the wings and the cockpit aren’t the right proportions. They start off (from the wing inwards) sbout twice as thick as that, and only get thicker about halfway across. Their finishing thickness is right though.

The only other advice i can give you is to make them look a little rougher. They weren’t smooth ships, so maybe put a few bolts or rivets and stuff. Just to make it look more like a cheap, mass produced starship, rather than one that looks good. This should be a kickass animation once you’re finished.

([email protected]) #19

i really dont want to have to say this but the tex on your TIES is way too bright and you sould put a weak blue glow behind the TIES otherwise they look a bit like they are sort of sitting there

(Ecks) #20

as I remember from star wars…thetie fighter didn’t have any glow/engine
effect behind them…let them liket they are but put a little motion blur!