DeathStrike (Not Finished)

hey guys,

here is a model of Deathstrike I made.
it’s obviously not finished, but here it is.

C U later.:RocknRoll:

id post this in the Works in progress section…You wont get alot of CC here in this section…

Is this low or high poly??If its high poly you gunna bake the normals?

Good work

it’s high poly.

thanks again.:RocknRoll:

here is a update of Storm.
any advice would be appreciated.


hey guys, I updated the model and have now posted it,
it still isn’t finished yet, but its going well so far.
have a look, and tell me what you guys think of it.


Pretty body shape. :slight_smile:

hey again guys, I’ve updated deathStrike.
what do you think?:eyebrowlift:


Please do not continue posting here if you don’t plan on using this in a game. Instead, just create a new thread in the Works In Progress section under Artwork and let this one sink down and be forgotten.

yeah, I think it would be better that way too.

OK, I’ll post the thread in the “work in progress”
thanks guys.