debug gui 000 - bake failed after.....sec?

so I’m using a fresh install of blender 2.49b, python 2.6.2, and primstar 1.0.
i make the scupt mesh and go to bake it n get"debug gui 000 - bake failed after…sec" in the console, it even does it with the default cube mesh. I’ve spoken with a few people one said that the scripts are there for python but it’s not spitting out the sculpt mesh.
anyone kno of a way to fix this?

I was searching for information on this error as it has happened recently to myself and a friend of mine too. I found that the solution was identical to a problem that hit the older versions of sculpty exports.

Try this:

Select your object, and go into edit mode.

Then (while all of its vertices are selected), in the Image/UV editor, go to Image -> New
and give it a 64x64 blank image. This will assign a fresh blank image to it.

Then try baking again.

This error seems to occur when the object does not have an existing image to bake to.
You can use larger images if you like, but I believe the exporter sticks to 64x64 possibly depending on the number of vertices the object had to begin with.

I hope this fixes it. The error message does not reveal much as to what is actually wrong.