Decal and Background Questions

Ok … let’s try this again. I thought I posted a topic, but it appears to be out in the ozone. As you can tell, I am very newbie. I have been Blendering for about three weeks using 2.34

I have two problems. I hope you all will forgive me if I violate some forum etiquette.

Problem One: I have a P51 model that I am trying to apply decals to. The decals are being used in lieu of UV textures (not quite ready to jump into that yet). I have parented empties on the top and bottom of both wings, left and right fuselage, rudder, and horizontal stabilizer. I have had no problem with positioning and sizing them. They don’t look too bad, but a decal on one side seems to effect the decal on the other side, i.e. top decal overides bottom decal, etc. The empties are parented because I am animating the model. Just so you know, in order to be able to utilize more than 8 textures, I have joined the wings to the fuselage and separated the horizontal stabilizer (although it is parented to the rest of the model). I don’t know if this is important, but I just want to give you as much info as possible.

Problem Two: I have a camera (and a spotlight) that is tracking the model during the animation. I would like to have the background sky (clouds and stuff) change as the camera follows the subject. I know that other 3D applications allow you to place an image on the inside of a half sphere that surrounds the scene elements. I have tried to do this with Blender (even thought of flipping the normals on the half sphere) but can’t seem to get it to work. All I see is the default world settings. Any ideas?

Blender rocks and I am having a blast learning it.

P.S. Ooops … just figured what I did wrong … guess it helps when you put a subject line in the topic … duh … :expressionless:

  1. Display the bounds of the empty – under the object menu (F7) -> Draw panel -> Bounds

  2. Then in the texture buttons where you load your image select the “clip cube” option.

  3. Move your empty so that the bounds only enclosed the top or bottom surface of your wing

Hope this helps,

I’ll give that a try GreyBeard … thanks :smiley:

And by the way … I just love your video tutorials … they have done more to help me than any others. Hope to see many more.

Any idea on the background image problem?

  1. Load a spherical texture for your sky map. Search the News and Chat forum with “High+Resolution+Skymaps” and it will take you to a thread with several for download.

  2. In the World buttons:
    In the “Preview” pane make sure only “Real” is pressed. In the “Map to” panel make sure only “Hori” is pressed and the “col” slider is set to one.
    In the “Texture and Input” panel select the texture you loaded earlier and press the “Sphere” button.


Thanks GreyBeard for your quick response … I’ll give that a try.