Decal on cycles


how can i decal an image with the alpha channel transparency on top of a metal material in blender 2.9 cycles?

thank you

Here’s how I placed a splash texture with alpha over a noise texture:

You can chip in some texture coords + mapping nodes to control how the decal is positioned.

in e-cycles, is that how you do it too?

why I did just that and it didn’t work on e-cycles.
have any secret?

It works for both eevee and cycles, should work for e-cycles too. Make sure the decal texture has an alpha channel and that you linked the nodes correctly.

just saw this and tried it. I have the same issue… trying to make a decal through cycles. All youtube vids only show this through evee . I want to do it through cycles. And I cant seem to get everything in the image to be transparent except for the words. Then I tried your method and it works, but do you know how to have the image fit correctly according to the shape of the object and to have the words appear with the same vivid black color? because right now it looks very faded