Heres my Weekend Challenge entry
It sucks when you find out that your buddy just got decapitated.
I put a lot of effort into this one, rendered in indigo, tiny bit of Photoshop, and the rest was all blender :slight_smile:
I’d like to hear your thoughts…

Hahaha… funny…:evilgrin: Nice too… Keep at it.

Very nice :rolleyes:

The soft glow of the lantern is effective, and you’ve gotta love the expression of that poor snowman…

Thats nice! It is a really interesting idea and a very well executed piece of artwork!

Nice image! What is the snow? just modeled the snow, or did you put that in with Photoshop?

Very nice Jeepster. The look on his face is priceless. How did you do the snow?

This image deserve to win the weekend challenge. A brilliant result with simple visual effects.:slight_smile:

thanks everybody :smiley:
i modelled the snow on the ground by using a plane, subdivided multifractal a few times, and had a subsurf modifier and displace modifier, but the falling flakes were photoshop
i used this tutorial for the falling flakes :

Sweet picture man. Well lit and the snow looks nice. Nice lighting too, keep it up eh?

That’s really awesome. Love the humour too it, but the image is great as well :slight_smile: I think the models and lighting are excellent, but something that turns me off it is the background colour. I just really don’t like the tone of blue. Don’t know why, but I never have.

Great stuff though!

hey thats great :smiley:

I think the snow needs to go. (its photoshopped) It just doesnt look right… everything else is great the thumbnail doesnt tell you much xD but when i clicked it I was like LOL.

But seriously i think you should remove the snow in the foreground. Can you post a version w/o it? i think it would be ownage. The snow looks like it has high velocity downward… more like rain (but in chunks lolz). I think if you keep the snow it should be created to look like its falling slower.
Other than the snowing its ownage 5/5