Decent fast render human skin material anyone??

does anybody know where i can get a skin material that renders fast but looks good??

Im looking for a material i can edit to give a Model type skin (this will be used for Ballet Dancers) instructions on which nod(e|es) to fiddle with would be great.

for cycles just use the skin node and change color

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If it’s not meant to be some kind of photorealistic face render… Paint it. Any CC manga face would do imho. Textures render fast.

1 the copy of Blender i have does not have a “skin” node so nice try on that one (using 2.70 with the cycles bake patch)
2 im looking for a material because im looking to make a semi realistic SET of skins (also i can’t paint worth a flip)

you want to use some images UV mapping
or only proc texture ?

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this is going to be used to create skin textures for a model basically i want to make a “human rainbow” so i would need one or more color nodes in the material to create Latin , Native American, Polynesian , Indian and so forth.

so i think procedural texture

but still low poly not high res texturing!

have you begun using cycles nodes for some simple skin mat
which may or not use the SSS nodes
can you show what you have now and we might elaborate further

happy cycles

ok saw you model
but you have not began anything yet in cycles !


Im basically learning blender with no help at all (video tutorials are useless for me).

I know just enough about material nodes to be dangerous. Im basically starting from zero.

On a side note which genius decided that cycles materials should have a separate “display/3d window” color?

i have looked at some skin materials and they are either single flat color or they are too realistic or they are so complex i get lost.

and yes i ripped out the materials to have a clean slate to work with

try something like that
play with mat colors
zf1.blend (1.22 MB)

need any texture for the skin
might add some noise and bumps ?

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will check that out maybe just enough to make it not look like a “barbie” skin. (node type, location and settings??)

open file with my ui set uo
you will see the nodes at bottom

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was talking about doing a bit of noise/bump on the skin what node and where would i put the nod(e|es) in the tree for what im looking for?

try like this

zf1.blend (1.21 MB)

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and what settings would you suggest for a HUMAN skin?? (i need minimum size and depth) bake takes a couple/few minutes on my netbook.

you can play with bump strength make it lot smaller till you like it
or may be change the texture for something else you like

I just shown how to get texture in with bumps
there are also many other vars to play with here

but this is how proc texture works I guess

I thought you meant that it was for a low poly model
but this head is almost high res with lot’s of verts
but it is your model if u like it !

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this model is from MakeHuman.

I did a test with bump strength at 0.1 and texture set at around 150
and it is a lot smaller

but depends on look u want
play with the vars till u get something nice

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so which of the color nodes does what (im thinking the diffuse node gives the base color but what about the other nodes??)

well glossy is for spec function of angle
transpa add some transparency on the skin

you can play with mix shader values to add more or less of these mat spec
until yoru happy with it

might be possible also to add some fresnel or layer weight for more effect function of angle!

happy cl