Decimation on this object makes blender hang, any tips?

Hello there, please download scene from

I have this gnawing feeling in the back of my mind that theres something very vital I’ve forgotten to do, but I dont have any idea.

Basically, I need to apply the PLANAR decimation to this object (with the default values), but after a while it just hangs blender and I have to close the program. I suspect the answer is really simple, but the only thing I could think of is removing double vertices and that did not work.

“Error establishing a database connection” - that’s all I get when I try to download your file…

if its a very dense mesh… give it a chance. it may seem to hang but often its just processing in the background…

and if it really is having issues… try the use half of default values on the modifier, and do it twice. :slight_smile:

(I couldn’t download the file either btw)

Hi guys thanks for the tips but no i think it really has had some problem, here is the link again which definately works for me:

(I cant spell destroy it seems)

LGO - I cant do it twice, as soon as I select the decimate method it starts working and then hangs.

You could separate the faces by normal, so you end having 6 different lighter objects. The top cover will still hang blender unless you reduce it a bit first using decimate in un-subdivide mode. Either way, the topology for the cover has holes, and doesn’t lend itself very well to planar decimation (un-sub works wonders, though).

By the way, you know all this decimation will wreck your UVs, right?