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I am attempting to make a submission for the weekend contest and I believe I have little to no composition/lighting skill. I am also wanting an honest critique to see where I need to improve overall…


Honestly dude, you gotta work on just about everything. The modelling isn’t too bad, but what’s that multi coloured thing on the table there? Your texture on the table looks horrid, either it’s stretched to hell or it is just not the right texture. The lighting is odd, I dunno if you want to draw attention to the table or if it is just how it turned out. You need to look more into UV mapping your textures. I dunno if that it what you are doing, but it really is the only way to texture your models. At the moment I get the feeling you have used blender internal materials, and they really look quite bad.

You also need to look at the shader settings on your materials, it looks like you haven’t changed any of the specularity settings at all. This means that all of your objects look like they are made out of the same material. The walls are all angled in, I don’t know if that is the look you are going for, but it looks odd.

Seriously, get used to UV texturing, even if you don’t make your own textures (there are heaps aof free textures out there) you need to know how to position them right.

I would also suggest drawing a proof, or using this render as a proof, and modelling one thing at a time to completion. Get the chair perfect before you move on to the table, that way you can study all the contours of the plastic, where the screws are, what bump maps and colour maps you should be using etc. It may take a while, but it will look phenominal, dammit.

Don’t take me as bashing you, though. You are obviously quite new to blending, and I think that harsh criticism and suggestion of techniques is the best way for a newbie to learn. I wish I had it when I started. Stick with it.

Thank you very much for the honest critique… the table you are referring to is a desk like all the others, only I think it is due to camera angle that it looks very stretched out. That is one of my issues…basically the camera is in the chair skewing the perspective. I have tried UV texturing and am getting a little better with it and will attempt to use it on the desk. I had a very hard time placing the camera to keep everything looking square and normal as well as getting the desktop and chalkboard into the image. I drew things out on paper and I guess it didnt come out quite the way I had imagined. The multicolored thing is actually a well modelled “bowl” The angle definately skews it but if rendered by itself looks decent. Again thanks for the criticism and words of encouragement, I have already started taking your advice and worked on remodelling …

Ok, try this for your camera woes.

Selct your camera in object mode, then press F9 to go to the ‘editing’ settings. There is a box that says ‘camera’ and a bit in there at the top that says ‘lens’. Play around with the lens number, go massive high then massive low and then find a good medium, it might fix your perspective troubles. Remember to save first though, because you might also screw it more.


as far as perspective I think I am trying to fit too much into the scene. Does this look any better? I am looking at how to fix the materials now.


Oh, I see what you mean by “bowl” haha. I think the scene needs more than just that, you still need to be able to tell where it is, maybe you just need to bring the camera out a bit. I don’t know if you have it inside an enclosed box, but if you delete the walls you don’t need, you can put the camera further out and establish more of the scene. But don’t let anyone tell you WHAT to put in your scene, we are all here to help you make it look good.

I am looking at that right now…as for the lighting I was trying to draw attention to that particular desk. Is there a better way to do that?

so I remodelled the bowl and I think I fixed some of the texture as well as perspective issues…now I am really stuck on lighting…I get no shadows…any suggestions?


I got my shadows…stupid raytrace button…although I still think the lighting needs some work…


Well there isn’t anymore odd perspective issues, that looks better. Definitely a much better texture on the desk, What is the message you are going for here? I think that you are hinting at ‘drugs or education’. If that is the case, you may want to separate the drugs from the homework a little. There is a good page on how to direct attention in an image using the flow of the image where curves and contrasting areas direct the attention into a point. If I can find the link, I’ll post it up for you.

The chairs still look a bit odd, but better. Might still want to modify them so they look like a normal classroom chair. Google images search for school chairs or whatever.

The pipe looks a bit odd still, but I think that is mainly the texture. You might want to look into UV mapping it so that it is easier to discern different parts of it (maybe a ring around the bit where the cone hits the wind pipe, and the windpipe could be a different colour)

The room needs more details, likea clock on the wall, maybe some meter-long rulers, some books, a bookshelf, whatever else they have in school these days. Again, google images is your friend.

Is it just me or are those desks floating in midair? Or are they the ones that are attached to the chairs? The blackboard usually has a ledge on it to put chalk and dusters on, and they don’t usually have such a thick wooden border around them, I think.

In most buildings, and it adds detail to the image, there is a skirting running around the room where the floor meets the wall, and again where the wall meets the roof. Look around in your house, unless to live in a hospital, my money’s on that you have these skirtings, too. If you don’t, then google images is your friend.

There are a few other things, but that will do for now. Keep blending!

Found the link :wink:

Hae a look, it may not be too helpful for you at the moment, but it is a good thing to have in the back of your head as you get better.

they are the desks that are attached to the chairs…I am also looking into the floor borders as well…I guess I lost track of all the rest of the little details…