hello, I’m moddeling a sorceresses staf, and I do have the headpiece, but now I would want to have some decoration in front of it, , the problem is that I want to know the easiest way. the decoration are 2 strips of silver that cross eachother(see pic), the drawing isn’t mirrored, there are 2 startpoints.1 left and 1 right, i just marked the right-ones
I don’t want to extrude it by hand unless there is no other possibility


I don’t know what you are wanting to achieve from those pictures, but have you tried shifting to face select to extrude? You can select all the faces involved, hit “E” to extrude, lmb click to finish without moving, then “G” and the axis perpendicular, and move them out where you want them. Extrude as region only, that is, and that will give you the added area.
The harder way would be to duplicate vertices, separate them, then model the extrusions and then ctrl-j join them back.