Decrepit Wall

This was created primarily in the GIMP, but I used renders from Blender to create some of the assets. Took me about 12 hours, has 39 layers in the GIMP.

Neat pic. It looks a little 2d (Duh), but it is always good to see someone with a new use for blender.

Keep Blending!

Polly count? looks like somthing for a game…really cool

Yet another fantastic GIMP work worth looking at. Great! :smiley:

@ALL: thank you for your comments.

@Lilgrudgeboy: There are no polys. It’s just a texture. I rendered out pieces (like the pipes and sign in Blender and used pieces of those renders in my image. I’m definitely a game artist, so I guess that influence showed through. This was basically created the same way anyone would create game textures.