Deejay - my 1st animation

Hi everyone!

This is my first fully animated scene, I’ve been using Blender just for a few months in my spare time and trying to learn by testing and from tutorials, and just a few days ago I finished this animation, specially made for one of my music sessions. It’s a very simple scene, a bunch of moving spots and a simple Deejay with rigged arms and mouth, nothing complex but I’m happy with it!

You can watch some renders at my blog.

Any comments and criticism are welcome! I’m already working on a new, more ambitious animation and any suggestion or idea you are willing to share will be appreciated.


only crit i have is there is no other people there and he is a little blocky

Great job! The lighting and the rythm are great, good first try! I find you learn a lot from completing even something simple like this, its a good feeling. Keep blending!

Thx N00BIE, I will for sure! :slight_smile:

Your off to a good start. I see a lot of modelers who miss out on a great option for 3D and that is animation. Keep at it. As far as crits go, yes the model was a bit blocky but a great model will arise from you all in good time. The video was a bit long and repetitive, so I didn’t watch it all - Try throwing in a little more action to keep the interest from you viewers.

Keep blending!

Wow, great job for your first!

Now for some crits :slight_smile:

The character animation is robotic. It needs to show more emotion…It needs to be believable. Animated characters can be the most unrealistic horrible model in the world but still be believable and relate to the audience through good character animation. I would definitely suggest picking up either The Animator’s Survival Kit with Richard Williams and/or the Learn Character Animation with Blender DVD. Both, I’ve found, are great resources :). They are pretty much where I learned everything I know about character animation.

Materials could also use a bit of improvement.

I’d also suggest having more action take place. It was, as previously mentioned, repetitive.

Anyway, seriously, great job for your first. Keep at it! Practice makes perfect :)! Animation, I’ve found, is one of the most (if not THE most) rewarding experiences ever.

I was really impressed, you obviously spent a lot of time on the lighting. I’m just starting out myself and my first animation is a long way from completion. I too know what it’s like to read tutorial after tutorial, learning bit by bit.

Are you OK with putting your stuff on YouTube, don’t you lose all the rights?

Thx everyone for your comments. Thx magician for your recommendations, I’ll take a look to those. I know it’s repetitive and lacks, well, everything a good animation should have, but hopefully I’m improving my skills for animations to come. :slight_smile: It is indeed a rewarding experience!

See you around!