Deep eyes and angry face

Great new forum…

I would like to see those drawings that are made in the margin of books when you are bored at school :smiley:

A few more…


Nice designs! The second one reminds me of a Cannibal Corpes’ teeshirt a friend used to wear.
The first one, well… hurts me just to imagine what it could feel like to be the victim of this grinder… ouch! the atmosphere is nice also, there’s this contrast between the clean, aspetizised white and the bloody stain on the wall.

What are your tools?


Actually that is the UGLIEST thing I’ve seen in my life.


Well, i spent many hours with photoshop, i always try to make things in photoshop that look real…

…Ugliest… :smiley: i love to draw zombies, and there are a few uglier than this…sooo,beware :wink:

nice, deep and bloody
the bloody face on the first image makes really cool effect
what only I quite don’t like is the background of that called “terror strikes” it doesn’t assort with that face (or what is that :). The text Terror strikes also doesn’t fit with it.
bye vosa

I agree with you… :frowning: i mean, i like the face, it´s pretty agressive but when i did it i wanted to put a little colour in it…but it didn´t work, and i can’t remember where i put the original drawing :expressionless: …if you want to check out in the web page…there are a few which don’t have any colour (=no spoiled yet :smiley: )

The other images are really cool. I like that dark style (hope I will have no nightmares tonight:). That coloured is good too, only background is not so good.
bye vosa

Ehhhh that’s awsome!

I really love your style, it’s so…great!

I have a taste for gore myself…so I love it!

Keep at it man!