Deep Paint 2 - Now for free! Vote for OpenSource


If you guys don´t know it already, I want to share some news with you.
The Popular paint package Deep Paint (that can even draw with bump-mapping) is now discontinued.

And the nice folks at Right Hemisphere has decided to give everyone
Deep Paint 2 for free as a gift. It can be downloaded at

But what´s even nicer - is that they´ve opened a voting to see if people
want to have the sources and first of all see if a lot of people in the
community wants this to happen (kind of like the Blender story) and
it would be a pity not to continue this great program, so run off and
cast your vote now (and of course - download this great program):

Now while it´s sad news that they´re discontinuing this great paint-package
it´s certainly a fantastic gift to give us. Deep paint 2 for free!

No strings attached - no ads …no nothing, just free goodness!


Oh - and an extra note:
Don´t be discouraged if this programs seems incredibly simple,
while it may not be an Photo-Editing suite…it´s kind of like “painter”
It´s basically best for tablet-owners and have heaps of “layered”
features that are discovered while you paint. I´ve been playing
around with it, and already now - I´m 100 % certain that this will
be my no.1 texturing package. I´ve been using the Gimp for a long
time and while the gimp has 200-300 extra features…it´s not as
comfortable and “clean” as Deep Paint 2 is, try it a while and
you will see what I mean. Just the Bump-Mapping drawmode alone
is worth it´s weight in gold.

I’m downloading it now, lets see if it’s as good as you say it is :wink:


It´s BETTER than I said it was…

…I´m sitting here and dabbling with my tablet here now…
and I´ve totally lost my jaw.

Anyone seen my Jaw? :o
It´s on the floor somewhere.

Wait until you guys try the various brushes (hidden in the dropdowns)
Drawing bumps with this program is almost cheating…

Well Bellorum - I´ll probably not be the last to post it.
If people haven´t downloaded this program before - it will probably
be their best “free” discovery since Blender (And I ain´t kidding about that)

Somebody managed to run it with WINE?


Well, I’m no moderator, I’m just pointing out that it has been posted before, twice. You could have replied to any of those threads and expressed your opinion. There’s no valid reason to have three different threads, within 2 or three days, on the same subject. Just saying.

Just a quick dab with a few brushes…

And thats just fooling around with some of the prebuilt brushes…
Just look at the way DeepPaint automatically integrate the bumping
textures/materials etc…into each other…

Cheers for the reminder, just installed it, got to say it seems pretty kickass for making textures. :smiley:

I must say, I was skeptical at first, but then I saw that image.
I’m downloading it right now.

Same here. Looks quite interesting. That grey texture looks like an excellent fibreglass sort of thing.

You guys ain’t seen nothing yet! I can’t belive how little responce those two previous
posts about DeepPaint 2 beeing released for free got…


If people just start the software up without really trying it out (or testing the nearly-hidden
paintbrush-presets) then it looks almost like MS-Paint %|
It looks so simple that one can’t belive how advanced it really is.

But belive it - this is a HUGE gift, probably the best texturing tool we’ll ever get for free.

Downloaded, installed, tried, like, get it now!


Anyone tried using it as a plugin for GIMP? Some PS plugins worked with GIMP the last time I tried it.

I don’t know if it works with regular WINE, but it does work with Crossover Office 4.2.

Never knew PS plugins worked with GIMP. :o

Never knew PS plugins worked with GIMP. :o[/quote]

It’s in the readme that comes up when you install :stuck_out_tongue:

lots of things can use photoshop plugins. i think irfanview can use them even.

what is the big deal about it?

for me it looks like a paintprogram with build in 2d bumb effect.
is that what deep paint is about?

i did not try iot cause i dont havethe time!

it paints, bump and reflective channels…

meaning a single brush can paint to more channels than just RGB, all at once. allowing for brushes for things such as shiney metal. (with bump and ref channels)

saves a lot of time.