DEFIAL - A new fast-action, unforgiving FPS game

This is a high difficulty, fast-action, fps combat game. Enemies are tough and unforgiving, but you are strong and agile. Shoot, Dodge, Defy, or DIE in DEFIAL!

UPDATE 01/05/18

Check out this quick peek of the infinite ONSLAUGHT survival mode!

Wanna play! Grab the demo now!


I’ve been waiting a long time to show you this. Enjoy!

Looks great…as you have gotten this far you are probably aware it would get stale very fast with only one type of enemy…that is my only criticism…aside from that…really really good work…looks very good.

Looks quite nice. The enemies seem a little too busy in their appearance with the flashy gold and everything. Make them different colors/sizes and make them more uniform in self appearance.

Overally iam impressed with the trailer presentation !!!
Its AA Game i cant wait for the demo and its amazing i wish i could do a reaction post on this thread but time bro !!!

BTW you inspire me thanks for the motivation.
All the best bro !


Thank you! & Hey, reveal trailers aren’t supposed to show everything! Lol. Don’t worry there’s more, & they’re far harder to fight!

Thanks, I’m still messing with their appearance. They need to stand out. And they look similar to represent tiers. This trailer only reveals the first 3 enemies, falling into the first tier.

Thank you Fred! I’m happy you feel that way! A free demo will be available when its almost finished :slight_smile:
& Thank you for that! I would hope this is a good example that anyone can do what they put their mind to no matter what. I hope you succeed in your endeavors!

Looking great! Definitely one of the more high quality games made in the BGE! Good luck on finishing it.

This is Buake 5. :slight_smile: It have a nice feeling of a Quake game.

Hey CG! I really appreciate that, thank you! It’ll be a wild journey, but I’ll get it done. :RocknRoll:

Lol Quake was definitely one of the influences. I’m glad you noticed; thanks!

Very nice. Amazing work sir. Hope to be able to try a demo. Would be really nice to see more gameplay footage.

Nice work! :yes:

this is cool as hell man good job

Thank you!!!

Thanks mataii!!!

Thank you!!!

Thanks mataii!!!

Thank you Ludovic! Demo is actually up now at

More footage will be up soon too :smiley:

Min Reqs

Intel i3
4gb ram
Nvidia Maxwell GTX graphics
Less than 500mb HDD or SSD space

New video and a link to the demo is up!