defocus node


i’m trying to composite an image. but can’t get a good depth of feld with the defocus node.
my image is all ways entirely blured except when i set the fstop to 128. even when the fstop is 127.97 the hole image is blured.
i’ve maped valued my Zvalue to see if this was working wel and i could see something when the offset was -36. should i place a mapvalue before piping it out to the defocus node ???

please give hints.


This image is, unfortunately, so dark that I really can’t see it.

We would also need to know exactly what parameters you are using, and so on. I think that a very careful reading of the documentation page referenced by PapaSmurf is an excellent place to begin, because this is a complicated node. (It must be: it is accomplishing a very sophisticated task.)

Do not overlook any other way to do it, e.g. with compositing or something like that. Maybe “defocus” will work beautifully if you whack on it long enough … but maybe another approach will produce a similar visual effect. Consider all of your options with an open mind. Literally, “whatever works.”

i found the problem thanks to this post

it seems that you need to link the camera data in if you use the nodes