deform copy of mesh with lattice, keeping RVKs

I have a character that I wish to duplicate and make some mofications to. I basically want to make a quick second character, by changing the general shape with a lattice, changing hair, etc.

It seems that the only way I can get lattice modifications to ‘stick’ is by deleting all the RVKs, correct?

If this is correct, would it be possible for a python script to accomplish this goal? I would think that, in theory, the lattice deformation could be applied to each key.


I didn’t have a problem with a copy containing RVKs being modified by a lattice parent. Not sure what your question should be.
Perhaps more details of the steps you tried to take.

Yes I think I need to clarify. I have a character that I wish to duplicate and modify with a lattice in order to create a second charcter. The characer I have is rigged to an armature and has rvks

When I do this and hit ctrl-shift-a to apply the lattice, the deformations I did are not there; if I remove all the RVKs I can then modify the character with the lattice.

You’re right that method won’t work. I’m curious why you want to do the changes using a lattice instead of merely resizing the armature and/or making changes to the mesh.

Well, its just a simple toony character that I made to practise animation.

I wanted to make another version of him quickly for a second charcter; this way I can quickly make him skinny, smaller head, etc…

If I modify the mesh, I have make modifications to all the rvk keys. I thought it might be possible for a python script to apply deformations to all the keys at the same time.

No biggie, the rvks are pretty simple and I can redo them :slight_smile:

If you scale the armature I think you can get all of the changes you were thinking of in using a lattice and you won’t lose your RVKs. You can also scale individual bones while in edit mode for the armature.