Deform to Surface of Sphere

I’m attempting to take a flat object and lay it against a sphere so it wraps perfectly. Shrinkwrap distorts it.

The effect I’m looking for is more mechanical - as if you could take a sun-lamp and cause it to cast a shadow on the sphere - I’d like the flat logo object to simply act like that 2-shadow projected to the surface.

I’m hoping I explained that clearly.

Is there a correct modifier for this? Shrinkwraps not cutting the mustard.

Do you have any concept art/ images on the internet that show similar effects to what you’re looking for?

Thanks for replying. See attached.

Lets say the shape is a 2d element, which it is.

Lets say the shadow is what we want the shape to do - wrap around the sphere only on the z-axis.

shrinkwrap distorts it, so I’m seeking another method.

I think this is what you’re looking for: shrinkwrap_project.blend (507 KB)

I’ve just set up the ‘Project’ mode on the Shrinkwrap modifier

Thanks! I also solved it via random fiddling, also using project! I’ll check yours too.