I made my model. I made my armature. I parented them. I made vert groups. And yet, when trying to fix my deformations, everything goes HAYWIRE!!! I select my “leg.L” vert group, select all verts, “remove” them, and yet, that bone still moves all these things it shouldn’t, as if it’s deciding by itself what to do. And it weight paint, some of those things it should be moving, are red. How do I keep it from doing this crap automatically?

Did you make the armature parent into a real Armature Modifier and is “Envelopes” turned off?

If it all seems right and still doesn’t work you may need to post some screenshots or a blend file.

I will do that, thanks. But I usually DON’T make it real, because it won’t work in the game engine. Since this one isn’t for the game engine, I’ll do that, though. It basically just feels like the bones are deciding what verts to move, no matter what I tell them to do.

Edit: Ah, Andy, you’ve done it again. Thank you very much. But just for future reference, is there any way to make it ignore envelopes in a parenting relationship, as opposed to a modifier? I often use the game engine, which doesn’t respect modifiers, unfortunately.

When you parent the mesh to armature, choose the option that says “Name Groups”


Just turn off the other Envelopes button in the F9 > Armature panel :slight_smile: