Deformation Issue(Human Head, Arms, Torso)

Here is the situation:
I have been trying to deform this human mesh so that the head can turn and arms as well. I have it rigged The legs are working fine, but for some reason when I try to get the head and arms to deform properly other parts of the mesh come with it when I bend the model. I check the weight paint and it seems to be painted properly. The rigs and meshes seem to be done properly too. I used human metarig. No rigify. Here are some links to the images which that show what is going wrong with my models since I cannot yet post images:

Yea. I need the arm whole arm to move along, but it needs to be even and it is bad if the shape is ruined like you see in picture.
(Hard to see, but when I move the head, it there is a vertice trail.) I need the head to bend and keep good shape and all the vertices to come as well.


You have not even seen what happens when I try to bend the middle bone in the chest. Its clear what is wrong here. It bends kinda good at the waste, but there is a trail of vertices and the arms are affected not properly.

So I would be greatly appreciative to anyone who can help me solve these issues. I am trying to make a game with lots of dancing involved so it is necessary that it figure this out.

post the blend file

Oh it is a masochistic few that ever get good at rigging.

The weight painting is obviously wrong. The main problem is that you are trying to use the human meta rig to rig your character. The human meta-rig is meant to give Rigify information about the shape and size of your character so when you generate a rig it will fit your character. It is NOT designed to be a rig for your character.

Start over. You can find out how to use Rigify in Quick Rigging With Rigify in Blender by Blender Cookie, or, if you are determined not to use Rigify, then check out Blender Guru’s Introduction to Rigging!. There are so many problems with your current attempt that either of these would be quicker than trying to fix what you have, and you will get a much better understanding of what is going on which will help you in future projects.

This is what the weight paint for the character looks like.