deformation issues

uhh… Rigging issues… I’ve rigged this character and applied weight painting to the best of my ability buuuut. The deformations are still… ugly. I’ve made sure the right vertecies are assigned. I mainly get this issue from the arms. When it bends at the elbows, it starts to mesh or go inside the upper arm, and the upper arm meshes into the body.

The legs are almost ok at the knee, but it still doesn’t look as good as it should. I’m still learning how to rig and just starting to understand IK, but I’m failing to learn when and where to use them and how FK things need to be. Maybe I just need to sleep on it, cause right now I’m tired and kinda frustrated. I’ll include the file so maybe someone could help me? Thanks.


Sentient6.blend (230 KB)

I think I may have fixed the legs by adding a ‘Knee bone constraint’. Basically extruding a new bone out from upperleg.R (or .L) assigning vertex group for knee. Add the knee bone as a constraint to lowerleg.R and wallah, a better looking deformation. Still looks like there needs to be more work though and any help would be helpful.

Here’s the rule I came up with in my book: if the limb will bear and of the body’s weight, it gets IK. If not, use FK. Think about how you move when some part of your body contacts the ground (like your feet) or a large stationary object like a desk. They become temporarily “anchored” to it, and any motion from that limb proceeds from the contact point into the body. That’s IK. When you move your arm around, even if you’re reaching for something, the motion goves from your body outward. That’s FK.

Hey guys, still looking for some help. Fixed it up a bit, but still looking for some help/feedback. Updated .blend has been added.


Sentient6.blend (230 KB)

Am I wrong or is the file you posted just a head?

Oh wow, what a genius of myself… the file with the rig is named the same but in another location… wow I feel dumb now. Sorry guys, here’s the real thing >.<

Haven’t rigged the feet or hands yet in this one cause I was in the middle of doing that the last time I worked on this…

Updated: uhh… it’s not letting me upload the file >.< it’s 6.5megs, but I don’t know how much I can upload at a time.