deformation problems with rig ?

don’t do a lot of rigging but
got a small rig for a boom truck and got some problems

when rotating the main boom near the base
it is also deforming the base ?

I check the weight and it does not touch the base which is all blueish

so what else could cause this deformation ?

thanks for any feedback

happy bl

Weight colors mean nothing if the weights are not normalized. Select a vertex in edit mode that is deforming wrong. Check the the values of the weights in the N panel, Vertex Weights.

Make sure about your weights. Go into edit select a vertex and check the show weights. Do this for a bunch of them. Select them if any weights at all are on them and go to the vertex group and click remove on any offending culprits. Sometimes a little weight will still show blue. It that doesn’t work post a blend to look at. Oops sorry Dan you got the post first.

at top N panel I see vertex data and bevel weight
is it that one ?

I check a few verts and they are all zero

is there a way to select a vert and find if it belongs to a specific verts group may be?

I tried to change bone type and it did not change anything !

if you need file I can upload it
I got main file from a free model on blendswap and it is an interesting little rig for a boom truck
but not very advance
there are no control bones and difficult to work with !

happy bl

A blend would help.

Here is a screenshot of where to look for the weights.

Good luck!


getting there

armature modifier had bone envelope

I was looking for this in the amarture panel and could not find it
but after removing it it does not deform other things now
but there is a difference between edit mode and pose mode
I tried to Alt-R but did not work!

also can you tell me what is doing these streak lines in viewport ?

happy bl


anyone can help thanks

happy bl

The “streak lines” are Relationship lines. I.E. Parent Child Relationship lines. You can turn them off in the Display section of the right tool panel.

Edit mode does not have constraints applied. That’s why they could be different in pose mode.