Deformations occure along path?


Complete noob to Blender, especially in terms of animation. Burying myself in tutorials and the like, but sometimes things crop up that completely confound me and seem elusive to any knowledge base I can find. I am hoping some of the experts here can shed light on what is probably an elementary problem, with hopefully fairly elementary explanations. :o

So! I’ve made a path, a winding path. For a few objects I’ve also made to follow along in front of my camera (which is on a different path and working fine.) Strangely, as my objects move along this path, they warp in dimension heavily. Almost becoming completely flat in some places. What have I done wrong here, or what do I need to adjust. Does anyone know?

Thank you in advance,

You have probably scaled your objects and/or your curve in Object mode; the scale of your objects and the curve should be 1. Try applying the scale by selecting each object and curve and then press Ctrl-A and select scale.

Alan, I love you. Thank you so much, that absolutely solved the problem.

Thank you!